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2022 Package Honey Bees SOLD OUT
Package Queen Replacement:
Any package Queen that is found dead at installation will be replaced free upon return of the dead Queen in the cage, for up to three days following pick up.
Queens found to be poorly mated will be replaced at our cost for up to two weeks after installation. No Exceptions.
We cannot guarantee every Queen we sell will be great but we try to assist beekeepers to the best of our ability. We do not ship Queens and there will be No Cash Refunds for Queens Packages or Nucs.

We sell 3 pound packages of Italian honey bees from Rossman's Apiaries.

Options listed for a marked or unmarked queen in online store.

The estimated customer pickup date is Friday April 29th 2022
between 9:00am - 2:00pm here at Backwoods Bee Farm.

No Shipping available.  See Web Store for ordering options. 
Customer Pick up date for Package bee is tentatively Friday April 29th 2022
*For updates closer to pick-up date, check our Facebook page, website home page or call us.

*All Deposits and Payments are Non Refundable.

Any package bees not picked up by end of business April 29th 2022 may be resold, as they are livestock and need to be hived.
2022 Spring Nucleus Colony SOLD OUT
Spring Nucleus Colony - 5 deep frames with a marked young mated queen.  

A nuc is small colony of bees with a laying queen and brood, ready to expand into a full sized hive. It will be in a plastic or cardboard nuc transport box that you keep.

Pick up date is estimated for early May as weather permits. We will contact you via email or phone to make pick-up arrangements when they arrive. 

For updates closer to pick-up date, check our Facebook page or call us.

*All Deposits and Payments are Non Refundable.​
Queen Bees 

Italian Queen Bee 
 Available May - August

Backwoods Northern Raised Queens  
June - August (when available)

French Hill Apiary Queens 
A Northern Raised Queen 
-available mid July in limited supply